Saturday, November 20, 2010

"That's the way it was...."

Welcome to our new feature "That's the way it was..."
You will enjoy reading about things from the past. 

In this issue, we are taking some things from the Fall, 1951 issue of Harp News
Harp News was a predessor to the American Harp Journal.  
This cute little ad appeared on page 15.
I have removed the name and address of the business where you were to send your $ 3.25, as it does not exist anymore.
Does anyone have one of these?

The second item for your enjoyment from this issue of Harp News is a little "News Notes" item. It read as follows:

" Harpo Marx takes his harp and bag of tricks to Chicago October 11th to 21st to play and cavort at the Stockyards Amphitheatre during the annual Show and Rodeo. "

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