Saturday, August 24, 2013

We Three Kings: new from Frank Voltz

     As we continue to prepare for those holiday performances, gigs and church appearances, it surely is nice to know about new holiday music...especially if it comes from Frank Voltz. 

   I have written about Frank's compositions and arrangements many times over the years. I think this may be my most favorite one of all! Let me share with you some details about it.
    Consisting of 6 pages, this intermediate arrangement can be played on lever or pedal harp; there are only a few lever/pedal changes which are clearly marked.
    One especially unique thing about this selection is.... well... you expect We Three Kings to be in 6/8 time, right? Frank's version is in 4/4!  Ah, now I have you interested! This leads to delightful syncopated rhythms throughout. Your listeners will turn their heads, thinking, "Wait, what was that?"

    Included are a few rolled chords, some short arpeggios, some pres de la table ("PDLT"), a few glissandos and some chords marked touch damp, creating a staccato sound. A few helpful fingerings are included as well.

    The page turns are quite convenient and you will be pleased that the Frank Voltz, signature, lush, extended chords are plentiful!

    Run, do not walk to purchase your copy. There are also 3 more new Frank publications: What Child is This for pedal harp, and two more brand new original compositions: Forest Green (a fine tribute to harp builder, the late Steve Green) and Romance Remembered

     All 4 of these new publications are just $5.00 each.
     Just go to tell him I sent you!

Friday, August 2, 2013

MARCH from The Nutcracker

Are you starting to think about music for Christmas/Holiday time? Patricia Jaeger has published an arrangement of March from The Nutcracker Suite.
This two page arrangement is in the key of G and has just a couple of easy lever changes. Jaeger even includes several fun grace notes, which makes it sound even more like the orchestral version! Some helpful fingerings and placings are included as well as suggested dynamics.  It is perfect for early intermediate players and would be great fun for a program, recital or as background music at one (or more!) of those holiday gigs!
The music sells for $ 4.00, plus postage, and you can order your own copy and get more information about Patricia's other publications by sending her an e mail at: