Thursday, June 25, 2015

Thoughts for a Thursday...

        Technology has made it available for composers and arrangers (including myself) to publish their own music compositions and arrangements.

         I see a lot of music because I write for this blog as well as for two, quarterly publications. Based on my experiences, I would like to offer a few 'tips' . . .

* Be sure to consider page turns when setting up your lay-out. If you have to move a measure or two over to the next page, or vice-versa, it is well worth it to those playing your music. 
* When you choose the paper to print on, be sure it is heavy enough so that the music does not show through to the other side. 
* Find someone to look at  your creation and give you feed-back. It could be another harpist, or even another professional musician. (plus it is great to get that encouragement as you go along!)
* If you are un-sure how to properly notate all or part of your creation, seek help from someone. Again, it might not even be a harpist, just someone who is knowledgeable about how to notate music properly.
* When you publish your wonderful creation, be sure to include your copyright information, as well as contact info so people can find you. Someone may need more copies, or maybe they want to ask you any variety of questions!

Perhaps you have other challenges as an arranger/composer. Please drop me a note and we can chat and share more ideas!