Saturday, February 7, 2015

A Walk in the Woods

Greetings from snowy Northwest Ohio. I am writing today to tell you about an exceptional book of compositions which I recently discovered.

A Walk in the Woods is a collection of 'colorful solos' by Kathryn Cater. I purchased this book from Eve Stone of Stoney End Harps as I was looking through her music bins at an event. What a marvelous publication! (Thanks, Eve!)

The 9 selections are all descriptive in nature with titles like Barefoot Wanderer, Tango of the Owls and Secret Agent Super Bunny.  The selections in this collection are ideal for a program or recital, I like this idea of "Program Music".

Features in this unique, early intermediate to intermediate collection include: syncopation (love, love love!), crossing hands, tapping on the sounding board, glisses, harmonics, rolled chords and pres de la table (PDLT).

Cater includes a few thoughts about each of her creations, which is a nice personal touch when giving a recital or program. This collection will go into my gig bag and never come out!

I hesitate to tell you about this book...I would like to keep it just for myself!!! :-)

Enjoy...and Kathryn...keep up the good work! (I also keep her book called Adagios nearby as well!)

A Walk in the Woods is published by Afghan Press, 2013.