Sunday, June 30, 2013

Green Pastures by Susie Kunkle

Let me tell you a little about
Green Pastures
original music for the harp by Susie Kunkle

Susie Kunkle is a fine musician and has created a delightful, first time publication of 10, descriptive, original compositions.

You will find them to be of late beginner to early intermediate difficulty. They fun to play, easy to read, and chord symbols are included. You will find some rolled chords and also some very creative, syncopated rhythms as well.

The tunes are 1 - 3 pages with well planned page turns when needed.

Perfect for background music, therapy or even a program!
She has named some of them after her grandchildren!

To order your copy (only $ 12.00 plus shipping), send an e mail to Susie at:

Here are the titles:

Adeline Norah
Eden's Dance
Far Away
Micah's Ride
Declan's Prayer
Wisdom's Call