Sunday, October 13, 2013

Holiday Ensemble Music!

     You may be thinking about some Christmas Ensemble Music. There is still time to add to your holiday repertoire! Cindy Horstman recently sent me these titles for consideration from the great state of Texas.

      I Wonder as I Wander is arranged for 3 harps. This snappy arrangement features a fun, syncopated accompaniment to the traditional melody. It has no lever or pedal changes once you get started and is ideal for late beginner to early intermediate players.

     If you bring a few bass clef notes up an octave in Harp 3, this arrangement can easily be played on 3 lever harps. The melody is played by Harp 1, the great syncopated accompaniment is played by Harp 2, and a dotted quarter, 8th note bass line is played by Harp 3. This tune could also be played with Harp 1 and Harp 2 only, if by chance you do not have 3 players available!

      There are two F#s needed in Harp 2, which can be set up before starting the piece and you never have to worry about a lever change after that! Cindy has also included some helpful fingerings and placing markings for your convenience. 

      Included are the score and 3 separate parts. Recommended. $ 25.00. Cindy also offers the option of a free MP3 download!

     What Child Is This? is arranged for two harps. Harp 1 can be played on lever harp and Harp 2 requires a pedal harp. This arrangement is suitable for early intermediate players. Cindy uses fantastic, lush harmonies

     Harp 1 features the melody and opens with glisses and also has rolled chords and triplets (not difficult). The only necessary levers are a couple of F#s, which can be set before the piece begins.

     Harp 2 uses great 7th chords in inversions, a left hand repeated note (pedal tone) for several measures at the beginning and at the end, a few well placed muffles, and rolled chords. There are quite a few pedal changes, but they are very clearly marked.

     I like this arrangement so much, I will probably use a pedal harp for my annual recital this Fall - and I don't move a pedal harp anymore if I don't have to!

     Included are the score and 2 separate parts. Highly recommended! $ 25.00. Cindy also offers the option of a free MP3 download!