Thursday, November 4, 2010

New Harp Music in Print, 11/5/10

White Christmas, by Irving Berlin, arranged for harp by RoJean Loucks. Published by RoJean Loucks, 2010, 4 ½ pages. $ 4.95. Available from 

I have enjoyed RoJean’s various books of arrangements and original tunes, including “Reflections” and “Soul Dance”, among others.  We have awaited a harp arrangement of “White Christmas” for a long time and here it is!  RoJean is a creative arranger and uses beautiful chords through out.  This early intermediate arrangement features rolled chords, quarter note triplets a few syncopated rhythms and some scattered 16th notes. It can be played on a harp tuned in Eb, C or F with no problem at all. There are a few lever changes, all marked and reasonable to accomplish (suggestions are made in case you do not want to play with any lever changes at all). There are no fingerings or chord symbols provided. You will not want to pass up the opportunity to add this to your holiday repertoire!!!

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